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Are Different Tools Needed for Water Removal in Santa Rosa?

best water damage restoration

Mitigation is one of the key elements to restoring Santa Rosa homes and businesses after water disasters. Often, the services we provide during this initial phase of restoration rely on removing surface water concerns. Pooling in areas of your house can deteriorate exposed materials and irreparably damage contents caught in the path of this migration of loss effects. Extraction often requires multiple tools and instruments from our recovery inventory, and we invest in the best equipment in the industry to provide efficient solutions. 

Submersible Pumps for Greater Depths 

When greater depths of standing water exist, the type of equipment necessary to manage these threats becomes larger and more powerful. Submersible pumps play a substantial role in eliminating standing water over two inches deep. Electric pumps are among the most common options for their versatility and mobility, though other options can get used when solids or extenuating circumstances exist. These include:

  • Self-priming trash pumps
  • Truck-mount extractors
  • High-pressure systems

Wet Vacuums to Manage Smaller Scale Losses 

Wet vacuums are among the most versatile pieces of equipment in our water restoration inventory. These extractors’ mobility allows them to move quickly from one damaged area of your home to another. These units are ideal for standing water less than two inches deep and can get used with multiple attachments to make them even more diverse for restoration projects. 

Specialty Extraction Tools 

While not always necessary, several systems and tools can address challenging water removal requirements. While submersibles and wet vacuums can eliminate surface water concerns, instruments in our inventory can also address trapped moisture in exposed materials and structural cavities. Carpet wands and weighted extractors can get attached to extraction devices and pull water from carpets before reaching subflooring and becoming a more significant structural threat.

water damage restoration

No matter how quickly water damage scenarios can develop in your home or business, our RestoreX team can help with efficient mitigation solutions. Give us a call anytime you need us at (707) 559-5423.

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