Crawlspace and Attic Cleaning

Crawlspace and Attic Cleaning

Staying in an organized and positive environment is what everybody desires. If homeowners are working all through the week, keeping your house clean can be difficult. We usually find ourselves prioritizing living areas such as bedrooms, closets, bathrooms, and the kitchen. But the crawlspace and attic often get  pushed aside. Sometimes conditions can bring in molds and pests which could make your living space feel like a nightmare. Choosing to work with a cleaning company can take even the biggest problem areas and turn them into happy spaces. In this helpful article, we will talk about some of the benefits of working with a cleaning company like RestoreX.

Crawlspace and Attic Cleaning

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Mitigate damage to your crawl space and attic

During long rainy months, critters and pests find the perfect home in attics and crawl spaces. Rodents tend to nest between the subflooring, damaging the home’s insulation. Rodents leave a specific scent, turning their once small presence into an infestation.

Annoying pests burrow holes in ductwork, nesting between the insulation and ducts, allowing their waste to get into the home. When rodents die in attics and crawl spaces, it can cause lingering and foul smells to be present in the house. Construction debris becomes moist, giving rodents and pests their perfect environment to travel through your crawl space and get comfortable. These areas provide great nesting areas for pests, obstruct air ventilation, and add a potential risks such as fire hazards.

When rodents and birds nest in the attic, these pests gradually fray the insulation, causing  the attic to become warmer and the home colder, and in turn this makes the utility bills increase.

When to Call Crawlspace and Attic Cleaners?

Homeowners should call a professional crawlspace and attic cleaning company upon noticing the following:

  • Unpleasant odor lingering in the home for weeks
  • Excess dust
  • Odd noises in the crawl space or attic
  • Heat loss inside the home
  • Stains on the ceilings

Attic and Crawl Space Free Inspection

It’s crucial for attics and crawl spaces to undergo a thorough inspection to determine the real condition of these areas. If any problems exist, cleaning is the most important step to correct any problem. This is why we offer free inspections of these areas.

Crawl Space Cleaning

Professional crawlspace and attic cleaners go down into the home’s crawl space with enough lighting and tools to ensure nothing is neglected. The crew will collect debris, fecal materials, and anything that shouldn’t be there. Professionals bag unwanted materials and safely dispose of debris.

The cleaning of the crawlspace will improve ventilation and moisture, prolonging the life of the crawlspace’s vapor barrier and eliminating many of the nesting and hiding areas of rodents and other pests.

Crawlspace and Attic Cleaning services

Attic Cleaning

Attic cleaners will collect debris from the attic, throwing unwanted materials away safely. With debris removal, this step improves attic ventilation and visibility. It will eliminate rodent nesting areas and will reduce the ability of pests to navigate freely. Attic cleaning lessens the fire hazard risk in the attic and also will give you peace of mind to use your attic as clean and safe storage.

Odor Removal

Is there anything worse than a stinky home? This is not only uncomfortable for the homeowners or tenants, but for visitors as well. Not to mention how embarrassing it could be! Some of the sources of foul odor include wastes from pets, damaged water systems, and smoke particles. The situation might be worse due to the conditions in the attic and crawl space. Rather than take it on all by yourself, hire professionals who can help you get these things done quickly and effectively.


When homeowners need mold removal and odor management for attic and crawl spaces, choosing the right people for the job is so important. Experience, reputation, and the cost of the services are all things that should be considered when finding the professionals that are right for you. 

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