How Does Water Get Removed from Carpeting in Santa Rosa Homes?

Removing moisture from carpeting can protect this flooring from requiring removal.  

Carpet fibers and the underlying padding can be among the most sensitive materials for water absorption in Santa Rosa homes. When moisture becomes trapped in these flooring elements, there are specific processes required to protect the carpet or to prevent the spread to subflooring and supports. 

Extraction Solutions for Trapped Water 

Among the first steps that restoration professionals must take with water damage in Santa Rosa homes when carpeting systems have absorbed surface water is deploying extraction solutions. There are multiple tools in our inventory of water recovery equipment that can quickly pull trapped water to the surface for removal and extraction. When feasible to preserve the padding, weighted extractors utilize heft to squeeze water in fibers and padding and force this moisture to onboard vacuums on the surface. Carpet wands are ideal for addressing just the surface layer of carpeting when underlying materials before the subflooring are getting removed. 

Can Moist Carpets Get Dried? 

As challenging as managing water damage to carpets can initially be, it is possible to preserve the entire flooring system when the action happens quickly enough. The ideal solution for this drying of both the surface carpet layer and the padding is floating. The placement of low-profile centrifugal air movers introduces forceful blasts of warm, dry air to both layers simultaneously to promote evaporative drying. 

When Is Controlled Demolition Necessary? 

As experienced general contractors licensed through California, we can recognize threats to flooring materials that are insurmountable for conventional restoration approaches. Controlled demolition is a practice designed only to remove the exposed and impacted areas of flooring in your home, which can limit replacement needs when carpeting was installed between multiple rooms at the same time. This practice is ideal for situations where the subflooring materials might be in jeopardy for absorption. The cost of removing and replacing carpeting is much less substantial than reconstructing entire floor systems with compromised subflooring. 
However water damage incidents occur in your home, our RestoreX team can help. We have experienced technicians and contractors – We Make You Whole Again. Give us a call today at (844) 623-3946. 

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