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They say first impressions last forever- having odors in your home or business is not the ideal way for others to remember you! If you suffer from a smelly home, you want to do everything you can to freshen it up. For some types of odors, air fresheners and home air purifiers aren’t enough. Certain types of property damage can be a cause of odor in your home such as fire, water, or smoke damage. In the event you’ve suffered property damage that has left your home or business with bad or lingering odors call the professionals at RestoreX


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Causes of Home Lingering Odor

Biohazardous material

When biological matter is lurking in a home environment, it will not take long before the smell comes through. Blood, human waste, bodily fluids, and other similar materials could leave unpleasant odors and worse- they can be dangerous or even fatal with contact and exposure!

Fire and smoke damage

In the event of a fire, thorough washing might not eliminate pesky odors. A foul odor may linger since there are micro particles that are attached to walls and HVAC systems. Our professionals know how to offer effective cleaning and could be the solution to odors in the home or business.

Water damage

Home water damage can cause the growth of molds that use drywall and surfaces as food for their survival. Musty mildew smells can come from water soaked and restored areas and usually causes extensive damage. Mold growth produces a nasty odor and affects the appearance of the home too.

How Professional Odor Removal Experts Help

Do the dirty work

Hiring RestoreX’s professional home odor removal services means property owners no longer have to do the heavy lifting of cleaning home odor sources. Our professionals identify deeper sources of odor that may not be seen. RestoreX’s odor removal experts will spend time investigating every corner of the home or biusiness to provide effective solutions. Professional odor removal services clean the air and drain HVAC systems and other areas that can be very challenging to clean.

Save time and money

After a water damage incident, it’s possible to have a foul odor in the home. A mere cleaning might reduce the odor, but affected walls can be hiding mold, which may destroy property and your health in the future. Professional odor removal will identify severe damage and work closely with our mold remediation and water damage restoration teams for renovations, saving you the time and hassle of identifying and treating these problem areas.

Improved customer experience

Marketing research has proved that customers respond positively in a pleasantly scented environment and negatively to not-so-pleasant smelling businesses. Don’t wait until you lose customers, potential sales, or even employees because of an unpleasant odor in your business. Hire RestoreX’s professional services to get rid of those odors today!

Highly trained Professionals

Our professional odor removal experts are extremely knowledgeable and skilled. We understand different environments and have experience handling other odor removals of all types, from human waste to mold. Our experts can handle any stinky situations!

odor removal services

RestoreX’s odor removal crews use only the most high tech and professional odor removal equipment to leave the home sparkling clean. Our teams will use a HEPA filtration device in your home or business which has industrial standards to eliminate lingering odors. 

If you’ve suffered property damage or just notice an unpleasant odor in your home or business, contact RestoreX right away. We know what to use and when to use it to eliminate your odors for good. 

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