Types of Water That Can Affect Your Home

Water Damage Restoration in Petaluma, CA

RestoreX in Petaluma, CA, knows how overwhelming and upsetting it can be to have unwanted water flood into your home. While all water damage should be immediately treated by a professional, there are several different kinds of water that may cause damage to your home. When you have experienced an influx of unexpected water, call a professional team like the one we have at RestoreX so we can minimize the damages to your home or business and prevent possibly irreversible damage.

Clean Water

Clean water, also referred to as Category 1, while still important to be professionally treated, is the least severe type of water damage. You may experience this kind of water damage from a leak in a clean water line to your sink, bath, or other clean water sources. This water is referred to as clean water because it is typically free of toxins and is not immediately dangerous upon exposure. When you are dealing with an unexpected influx of clean water damage, it is important to remember this water may not be immediately dangerous, but it can quickly turn into a more dangerous category of water and can cause the growth of mold in your home or business.

Gray Water

Category 2 water damage, more commonly referred to as gray water, is a more dangerous water than the previously mentioned clean water. Sources of Category 2 water may be toilets or washing machines. Gray water may not be harmful to you if you come in contact with it, but this water can quickly develop into a more dangerous water. Gray water must be professionally and immediately removed from the space it entered by a company like RestoreX in Petaluma, CA. If this water is not properly and efficiently removed it can cause the same damages as any water such as mold growth and structure deterioration, but it can also develop into Category 3 water in as little as 48 hours.

Black Water

Category 3 water damage, commonly referred to as black water, is the most dangerous water damage you may incur in your home or business. Similar to other levels of water damage, you should address this immediately. Black water, however, poses potential immediate harm to you and others who may come in contact with it. Black water generally contains sewage from flood water and seawater. Typically, when handling black water damage any objects that come in contact with the water will need to be removed from the area, cleaned, and sanitized. Once RestoreX is able to clear the water from your property, the affected areas will likely need to undergo a significant disinfection process to make sure it is safe the return to the space.

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Experiencing any level of water damage can be chaotic, stressful, and overwhelming. If you ever experience water damage to your home or business, let RestoreX guide you through the process. Our 24/7 emergency team is always ready to help. We are based in Petaluma, CA, but service the surrounding areas. Contact us today so we can get your property back to normal and prevent any further damage!