How Can Water Removal Get Started in Santa Rosa Homes?

Emergency services are a foundational element of restoration work we provide in Santa Rosa properties. There is a pressing concern for emergency services to begin after water damage incidents like burst pipes or appliance failures. Flood restoration and water removal services are immediate needs for the structure, and our responding professionals can accommodate this. Disasters will not wait for normal business hours, and that is why we are ready 24/7 to help mitigate loss and protect your property from the damages that standing water can present. Our experienced roster can help with:

  • Content relocation
  • Water extraction
  • Controlled demolition
  • Water damage repairs
  • Cleaning

Is Water Removal Feasible After Burst Pipes and Similar Damage? 

Standing water can be among the greatest concerns for area properties. When water removal in Santa Rosa homes is necessary, we respond with a wide variety of equipment to manage these concerns. Burst pipes in aging systems are not uncommon, and with several inches of standing water they can leave behind, it is a threat that must get addressed immediately. Submersible pumps, especially the smaller electric units in our inventory, can remove the bulk of this pooling.

water damage restoration services

How Can Trapped Water Get Removed from Flooring? 

Because immediate extraction and drying are rarely feasible, some degree of saturation and absorption will occur to porous materials like carpeted floors or wood materials. When moisture becomes trapped and these materials, special extraction devices are necessary to prevent unnecessary tear-out and reconstruction.

Weighted extractors convert the weight of our technician into a press to force carpet fibers and padding against the firm subflooring to displace moisture to the surface. When wood flooring gets affected, moisture removal to protect the material relies on drying mats and tenting practices. Other specialty equipments for water removal and evaporative drying include:

  • Carpet wands
  • Positive pressure systems
  • Air movers

Despite how rapidly a need for water removal in homes can impact the property, our RestoreX team can help with efficient extraction and emergency services. We will be a one-stop shop for restoration and recovery. “We Make You Whole Again” when you call (844) 623-3946.