Mold Removal 101- Tips For Preventing Mold Growth

Mold Removal

No one wants to deal with having mold in their home or business. Mold remediation and mold removal is a complex task that requires meticulous attention to detail and special equipment and strategies that are executed by mold removal specialists. In order to prevent mold and therefore prevent the need for mold removal you need to create an environment in your home that discourages the spread of mold. Luckily there are some practices you can follow to keep your home feeling fresh and comfortable, all while preventing mold growth.


Maintain A Healthy Humidity Level

Maintaining the proper humidity level in your property is not only important when trying to prevent mold growth. These levels are ideal for you to feel your best in your home or workplace as well. It is recommended that your humidity levels should be between thirty percent and fifty percent. If you find that your home or business has higher than recommended humidity levels, it just may encourage mold growth. 


Deal With Spills, Flooding, And Leaks Right Away

Mold thrives in damp environments, which is why it is important to always deal with standing water right away. Any signs of current or previous water damage can also provide enough moisture to invite mold to spread in your home or business, and should be addressed by a professional to ensure every trace of water and moisture is removed.


Improve the Circulation in Your Home

There are many benefits to having good circulation in your space. Circulation can help a space feel fresh and clean, eliminate any foul odors, help you maintain a healthy humidity level, and prevent mold spores, bacteria, germs, dust, and other airborne particles from settling in your residential or commercial property. When the weather permits, open your windows to encourage natural air circulation. Fans and your AC unit can also be used to your advantage when dealing with circulation.


Use Your Exhaust Fans

You can find an exhaust fan in almost every kitchen and bathroom. That is because they play an important role in the health of your home. Exhaust fans should be run in the kitchen when boiling water or cooking, and in the bathroom when showering and bathing, for example. These activities create water vapor and steam that can build up on surfaces and in the air around you. If the excess moisture is not dealt with it can cause water damage to your belongings or high humidity levels in the home.


Use Mold Inhibitors And Other Mold Controlling Products

Mold inhibitors can be added to paint in order to help prevent mold growth. There are also cleaning products that can be used in the bathroom and throughout the home or business that can stop mold from growing and spreading. These can benefit all property owners who would like to take the extra step to prevent mold.


Mold should always be dealt with immediately in order to prevent extensive damage- not just to your home or business, but to your health and wellbeing as well. If you suspect there is mold or know you are in need of mold removal services, contact RestoreX right away.